We answer here any questions you may have about playlist-youtu.be

How to use our converter ?

What is Playlist YouTube ?

Playlist YouTube is a free online youtube converter that allows to convert youtube playlists to mp3.

How to use it ?

Just go to a YouTube playlist and copy/paste the link into the converter homepage, select the videos you want and you will get the mp3 videos compressed into a zip file.

Do you have to register ?

No registration is necessary to use our converter.

Can I use Playlist YouTube with any device ?

Yes, because our site has the latest technologies such as "responsive design" which allows you to adapt to any device.

Is the download anonymous ?

The downloads are completely anonymous.

I'm having a bug or want to report an improvement !

For any request click here !

What are its limits ?

How many files can I download simultaneously ?

You can download 20 files at a time however you can use the converter as many times as you want.

How long does the download link last ?

The link expires after you have clicked or it expires after one day if you have not clicked.

What can be the maximum duration of a video to download ?

There is no maximum duration, however the longer the video, the longer the download will be.

Is it possible to download a live stream ?

You cannot download a live stream.

I get the message "This video is copyright protected." !

This message means that you are trying to download content that is protected by copyright. We strive to block the downloading of protected content so that your favorite site lasts over time.